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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting us online. We understand the struggle involved in making the decision to elect to have hair restoration surgery, and most importantly, choosing the right Doctor with whom you feel comfortable with and also have the utmost confidence in. Please rest assured, that by choosing Dr. Brett Hirsch and his outstanding group of medical technicians, you will receive the highest level of care and expertise. Our practice is devoted primarily to hair restoration.

Our #1 goal and objective is to make you feel your best by helping you to look your best. Dr. Hirsch has consistently earned a 99% plus patient satisfaction rate. This is not an industry statistic, but rather a true representation of the heartfelt gratitude expressed by thousands of our patients over the years, and because of this they often refer their friends and family. So know that you are in the very best hands with Dr. Hirsch.


NeoGraft Hair Transplant: What’s the Process Like?
One of the biggest reasons so many people choose NeoGraft is that on average, both the procedure and recovery time are much quicker than traditional methods. The procedure will generally take four hours to perform. Most patients do not need assistance with driving home after surgery. You will be given a Hair Care kit, with specially designed products for use after your procedure to promote healing and speed recovery.
The NeoGraft hair transplant procedure has two main components: The first involves the harvesting of the hair follicles, and the second involves their placement into the balding or thinning areas. Let’s examine both sides of how NeoGraft works:
  • Harvesting: This part of the procedure requires you to lie face down for approximately two hours. During this time, a local anesthetic is used on the back of your scalp (the “donor site”), and the individual follicular groupings are extracted from that area using our state-of-the-art Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) device. Some patients fall asleep during this time of the procedure – your NeoGraft technicians will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the harvesting.
After the follicles are extracted, you are free to go to the restroom, have a snack or make a phone call/text, etc., or just relax – we then begin the second half of the procedure.
  • Placement: This is the part where patients get their own natural hair back! Patients sit in the upright position while the balding or thinning area (the “recipient site”) of the scalp is locally anesthetized with lidocaine. The extracted follicles will then be placed in that area in the natural-looking pattern that you and Dr. Hirsch determine during the pre-surgical consultation. The timing on this part varies depending on your goals and the amount of hair that needs to be replaced. (Generally 2 hours). During this time, you are able to talk with Dr. Hirsch, or listen to music or continue to just have quiet time and relax - whatever helps to pass the time!
The Recovery Process…What to expect after surgery:
People are genuinely concerned about the length of downtime after a hair transplant surgery. With NeoGraft, patients typically resume normal activities within just a few days. After 7-10 days, the transplanted hair will be safely rooted under the scalp and your hair will have grown back enough to cover the donor site. From this point forward, it will be virtually undetectable at the donor site that the NeoGraft procedure was ever done. Patients regularly say that during the recovery and the process itself, they feel little to no pain. In most patients the hair transplant is minimally detectable after 10 days.

State-of-the -art NeoGraft has been featured on CNN, ABC News, NBC News and Rachel Ray. _

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgery

Eyebrow restoration replaces eyebrows or 
fills in small areas of hair loss that have resulted from  over-plucking, scars or genetic causes.  Natural and lasting results are superior to tattoo or permanent makeup.  Ideal for both women and men.

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