Dr. Brett S. Hirsch -
Hair Restoration
Traditional Micro-Surgical
Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair transplantation
is the surgical process of moving your own hair from the back of your head (donor area) to the needed areas on top. 

Hair emerges from the skin in naturally occurring 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair groupings called follicular units. The key to FU transplantation is to identify the patient's natural hair groupings, dissect the FU's from the donor area and place them in the individual's recipient sites where the clients hair is thinning or balding. These units are skillfully placed by Dr. Hirsch in the correct angles to mimic the hair's natural growth pattern. 
With his vast experience, knowledge of the most 
advanced procedures and a professional team, Dr. Hirsch utilizes proper hair-line design, FUE dissection and proper angulation of the client's follicular units.  This method assures results that are nothing less than perfectly natural and undetectable under any circumstance. 

NeoGraft-No Linear Scar Hair Transplant Surgery
The newest, most advanced method of hair transplantation is called the NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplant System. The first FDA approved minimally invasive hair transplant system.

NeoGraft allows for the hair follicles to be extracted individually without the need for a scalpel incision-eliminating sutures and a linear scar. 

With NeoGraft there is less downtime, easier recovery and minimal pain. Dr. Hirsch is one of only a few doctors in Florida offering NeoGraft.  He has expertly performed numerous successful surgeries with natural looking and lasting results.

State-of-the -art NeoGraft has been featured on CNN, ABC News, NBC News and Rachel Ray.

Dr. Hirsch exclusively
offers NeoGraft in the Sarasota area.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgery

Eyebrow restoration replaces eyebrows or
fills in small areas of hair loss that result from
over-plucking, scars, or genetic causes. 
Natural and lasting results superior to tattoo
or permanent makeup.  Ideal for both women
and men.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Dr. Hirsch utilizes cutting-edge medical technology in PRP for regenerating hair loss in both men and women. Your own blood is enriched with a high concentration of platelets which promote growth and healing. Dr. Hirsch also employs a technique called "dermarolling" to create microscopic channels to allow the PRP to penetrate deep in the scalp where it stimulates the growth of hair follicles and creates new blood vessels. Simple in-office procedure (non-surgical) with results that can last 10 to 12 months.

See your own amazing 'before' and 'after' transformation! Start today with a free consult with Dr. Hirsch to discover how you can grow your own hair again with lasting and natural results! Performing surgery and PRP in either Sarasota or Tampa: 941.365.2122 or info@drbrettshirsch.com

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