Dr. Brett S. Hirsch -
Weight Loss
Our proven program is designed to help you lose weight safely, quickly and keep it off!
Monthly enrollment includes:
-Weekly one-on-one office visits
-Prescription appetite suppressants
-"Lipo" shot-vitamin supplement injection with 10 vitamins/minerals to increase energy and aid in weight loss
-Nutritionist-designed easy meal plan
-More unique features not offered elsewhere
-No costly pre-testing fees or sign-up fees
Dr. Hirsch and his staff are
committed to making
your weight loss a
permanent life change!
Patient Results
Female, Age 37
Weight Loss for 2 Months:
13 lbs
Female, Age 57
Weight Loss for 2 Months:
17 lbs
Male, Age 42
Weight Loss for 3 Months:
23 lbs
Female, Age 30
Weight Loss in Just 1 Week:
10 lbs

Male, Age 37
Weight Loss for 3 Months:
37 lbs
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